Signature Stables presents its riders and horses

competing at the World’s Championship Horse Show.

Below is the class information - please note, the times listed

are the start times for when the session begins.

Please come out and cheer on our riders and their horses.

We wish everyone the very best!

For more information on the

World’s Championship Horse Show, visit

Sunday Afternoon, August 18 - Noon

    Class 15 or 18 or 21      Samantha Aebersold and Tango’s Supreme Kiss (Tango)

Sunday Night, August 18 - 6:30pm

    Class 30                    Kaleigh Travis and Lightning from the Sky (Skylar)

Monday Morning, August 19 - 9:00am

    Class 59 or 62              Clare Deschler and Some Kinda Lucky (Lucky)

Monday Night, August 19 - 6:30pm

    Class 74                    Lee Lenkoff and Callaway’s Good Gossip (Gigi)

    Class 76                    Anna Rogers Daub and Soquili’s Bit O Honey (Sassy)

Tuesday Morning, August 20 - 9:00am

    Class 97                    Clare Deschler and Pippin (Pippin)

    Class 104                  Anna Rogers Daub and Zeus

Tuesday  Night, August 20 - 6:30pm

    Class 114                Anna Rogers Daub and Sassy

Wednesday Morning, August 21 - 9:00am

    Class 138                Anna Rogers Daub and Zeus

Wednesday Night, August 21 - 6:30pm 

    Class 153                Lee Lenkoff and Gigi

CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES (if riders qualify)

Friday Morning, August 23 - 9:00am

    Class 176                Samantha Aebersold and Tango

Friday Night, August 23 - 6:30pm

    Class 205                Kaleigh Travis and Skylar

Saturday Morning, August 24 - 9:00am

    Class 212                Clare Deschler and Pippin

    Class 223                Clare Deschler and Lucky